Family Heirlooms

Last night I went looking for an old recipe of my grandmother’s. I started by looking at all of the the recipes that my mother had handwritten on cue cards when she moved away from home at 18.  While there are a bunch of treasures there, none were what I was looking for.IMG_20150924_200627Truthfully, I wasn’t expecting to find the recipe I was looking for in there, so I was not disappointed when it wasn’t there.

Next I got out my grandmother’s cookbook.  IMG_20150924_194321IMG_20150924_194442I don’t know if it was her only cookbook, but there is no denying that it seems to be very well used.

I was looking for a specific strawberry shortcake recipe.  Of course, having never seen the recipe, or likely even eaten my grandmother’s strawberry shortcake, I don’t really have any way of knowing when I’ve found it. There were a surprising number of shortcake recipes! Some were original to the book, others were pinned onto it’s pages.

IMG_20150924_195106But I think that one of these may be as close to her recipe as I can find.  IMG_20150924_194831There were a bunch of other treasures in that book too.  Like the program from the St. James Parish (Lake Lenore’s only church) Sliver Jubilee in 1958.  It was folded up and stuffed in between the pages of the cookbook.  I tried to hum some of the songs, and then when I was done admiring it, I folded it back up and put it back into the cookbook to be rediscovered another day.

IMG_20150924_194630Oh, and let us not forget the cooking instructions for rice which grandma wrote on the inside front cover.

IMG_20150924_200204Hey, they were a meat and potatoes kind of a family, and I completely understand. The best part of that little note is that I can picture my mother, my grandmother and I together in my grandma’s kitchen, grandma looking for a recipe, and my mom (who was a bit of a know it all about food) telling her how to do it.  I can see grandma jotting down my mom’s instructions in her book.  I can’t be certain that this memory was about rice, or that it actually ever really happened, but it’s a happy memory, so I’ll just pretend it is.

I know it’s a little late in the season, but who wants to make 4 different strawberry shortcake recipes with me?  I’m no longer looking for grandma’s recipe, but I’d love to know which one is the best!


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