Laundry room update #1

Laundry room update: still dark, still dirty. If you haven’t already, read the origin story here.

Even though the optimistic part of my brain was sure that everything would be absolutely, 100% done by now, it of course is not. There has been progress though, which is exciting.

Becky came by last weekend and measured everything. I was so tempted to clean the room out before she got there. We’re close friends. Really close.  For example: last week I needed her help in the gym when my bra strap came undone and nearly let loose a deluge of cleavage substantial enough to take out a small village, and she was there for me, to touch my sweaty shoulder (shutter) and help do my strap back up in my time of need. That’s friendship.

As close friends as we are, I was not entirely comfortable inviting her to see my messy, disorganized laundry room with its dirty rug and spider webs and chaos; however, an important part of having a space that works for you is building it to suit your needs. My needs include a place to house my 100’s of mason jars and Costco sized jugs of laundry soap, a place to hang my wet laundry, and a place to store some craft materials that will facilitate the once or twice a year I feel the need to play with a glue gun.

If I had emptied the laundry room of all its contents before she arrived and scrubbed it clean from top to bottom, she might not have seen that paint can mountain is a real thing that needs to be tackled, or that the marks on the top of the washing machine are from glue from a craft project because my washing machine doubles as a craft table. I might have said “mason jars” and she could have pictured 12 of them instead of 124. So I swallowed my pride and I didn’t pre-organize the room. She saw my mess. She saw the spiders that live in the corners. She saw it all.

Without judgment, she measured the space and took some pictures. We took a quick look around to see what I had on hand to use. We talked about wants and needs. We talked about my budget (as close to $0 as possible).

Part of fixing-up the laundry room up includes hanging drywall on 2 already framed walls, and we’ve  called in my neighbourhood handyman to do the job. It’s not worth the marital distress that couples drywalling would have brought on. I’m not including the cost of having the drywall hung in my budget, but it’s likely the most significant expense for the whole damned thing. It’ll also go the farthest to making the space feel less creepy, so it’s definitely worth it.  I’m hopeful that the drywall will be up, taped, mudded and primed by the end of this week.

Since her visit to my laundry room of shame, Becky has made the plan for the space which started with a basic sketch.  We knew at the start that I didn’t have enough existing cupboards to do everything we wanted, so she established how much leftover space I had to fill, and I went off to the local ReStore and picked up a set of drawers that are approximately the same height and depth as my existing cupboards and a tall pantry cabinet to house the mason jars. It was way less intimidating to shop for these pieces when I knew what sized items I needed to look for. Oh, and I texted her a million pictures of the things I was looking at, and I got her okay before I spent any money.

Oooh, drawers. Think of all the crap I can hide in these.
No assembly required. Win.

After I bought the extra cabinets, Becky finished the plan and sent me a bunch of pictures of the final design for my approval.

Like this, but with an unfinished ceiling, and way more concrete.

I mentioned a few more things I’d like to add to the space to make it more functional for me. We did some online shopping and have figured out that almost everything else we need to buy will come from Ikea.

The next steps are as follows:

  1. Drywall install
  2. Paint lower cabinets with paint from paint can mountain
  3. Paint floor
  4. Go to Ikea
  5. Some assembly required
  6. Installation
  7. Bask in the glory of the new room
  8. Do the damned laundry

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